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5/29/2020 Update:

Dear Residents, Tenants and Families,

We want to let you know that everyone here is well in regards to COVID-19.  We also want to keep you as informed as possible in this ever changing global pandemic.

On May 13 the State announced a statewide COVID-19 testing strategy prioritizing residents and staff of nursing homes and assisted livings.  This testing is known as point prevalence testing and is being recommended to be completed as the best strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in long term care facilities.  Facility wide testing also ensures resident safety by eliminating the possible exposure to an asymptotic COVID-19 positive person.  It is known that 80% of the deaths in Minnesota are residents of long term care facilities.  Our number one goal is to protect our population.

The National Guard will be at the Buffalo Lake Healthcare Center on Monday June 8th beginning at 7am to test all staff, vendors and residents of the nursing home and assisted living.  Our plan is to assign a staff person to go with the Guardsman room to room to complete the testing.  The staff will serve as a liaison between the Guardsman and the person being tested and provide a sense of comfort to our residents.

We will need to have consent from each resident/tenant to complete the testing.  Please e-mail Michelle Paulson, LSW at to give consent for the testing to be completed, be sure to indicate in the e-mail who you are and who you are providing consent for.  You can also call Michelle at 320-833-5364 ext 12 and feel free to leave a message with your name and the name of the person you are providing consent for.  If we do not have consent by 6/3/20 we will be reaching out to you to obtain verbal consent.  It is essential for this process to be successful that we have everyone tested.  Those that are not tested will need to be treated as suspect positive and placed in precautions for up to 14 days.  There will be no cost of this testing.

This required testing will be repeated on June 15th and June 22nd at the facility for all staff, vendors and residents that test negative on the first test.  This process is to establish a negative COVID-19 building to help with the process for phasing in re-opening of long-term care facilities throughout the state.

Please see the attached documents of frequently asked questions, fact sheets and consent form.  The tests being completed at the facility are mid turbinate nasal swabs and go about 1 inch into the nostril.  The test being completed at the local clinics are the nasopharyngeal tests and are inserted and go about 3 inches into the nose.  We will receive the results of the testing in 2-4 days and you will be notified of any positive results immediately.  Any further questions can be directed to Michelle at 320-833-5364 ext 12 or Kendra at 320-833-5364 ext 14.

Keeping our residents safe is our highest priority.  We have asked a lot of everyone over the past 2 months of this pandemic, more than any of us would have ever believed possible.  We continue to keep the resident safety our highest priority and work toward a time when we can again have you all come to visit your loved ones at our facility.

Please stay safe!


The Buffalo Lake Healthcare Center COVID-19 Incident Command Team


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COVID 19 Factsheet1

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