June 2nd, 2020

COVID-19 Staff Testing Day Instructions


1) You will need your insurance information. The testing is no cost to you,
but they bill through your insurance. (If for any reason you receive a bill,
bring it in to the finance office, and the facility will take care of it.)
2) Arrive at the back of the facility 15min. before your scheduled time. (See
Testing Schedule) Park by the West Asst. Living.
3) Wear your blue surgical mask you have been saving from work. Leave the
mask on until instructed to remove it.
4) When your Group COLOR appears make your way to the check-in tent.
5) You may arrive with your paperwork ready to hand in, if you do this skip
to #8.
6) Receive your paper work. (Testing Consent and Insurance Form)
7) Proceed to one of the tables to fill out your information. Only two people
per table.
8) Hand in your paper work at the check-in table and proceed to the
emptiest lane. (If you are coming out during your shift, please use the
express lane).
9) Stay socially distanced during the duration of your time waiting for testing.
10) Once inside the garage, the National Guard member will brief you
on the procedure and complete the test. If you need to have a throat
swab vs. a nasal swab you must tell the National Guard member at that
time. (past broken nose, deviated septum)
11) After your test is complete, proceed to the exit door to receive
post-test information.
12) If you have come in for testing and it is your day off, please leave
immediately after testing. Do NOT stand around and visit/congregate.
***If you need to trade times with someone please fill out a trade slip. Or Let your supervisor
Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and continue to make in order to keep residents
and fellow staff members safe.
BLHCC Incident Command Team

Staff Testing Day Instructions

Testing Schedule

Covid19 Testing Registration Form and Insurance Info

Covid19 Testing Staff Consent



Dear Staff,

On May 13 the State announced a statewide COVID-19 testing strategy prioritizing residents and staff of nursing homes and assisted livings.  This testing is known as point prevalence testing and is being recommended to be completed as the best strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in long term care facilities.  Facility wide testing also ensures resident safety by eliminating the possible exposure to an asymptotic COVID-19 positive person.  It is known that 80% of the deaths in Minnesota are residents of long term care facilities.  Our number one goal is to protect our population.

The National Guard will be at the Buffalo Lake Healthcare Center on Monday June 8th beginning at 7am to test all staff, vendors and residents of the nursing home and assisted living.  Staff will have an assigned time in the morning to come to the facility and be tested.  Staff will be paid 1 hour of time for testing.  Watch for your assigned time…….. We have heard from facilities in our area that this testing has gone very well.  We do know that one facility identified several asymptotic staff, therefore increasing the importance of having this testing completed.

If you miss the testing on June 8th you will not be able to work until you provide written proof that you have been tested.  You must be tested as close to June 8th as possible.  If you have been recently tested for COVID-19 you are required to be tested again.  The tests being completed at the facility are mid turbinate nasal swabs and go about 1 inch into the nostril.  The test being completed at the local clinics are the nasopharyngeal tests and are inserted and go about 3 inches into the nose.

This required testing will be repeated on June 15th and June 22nd at the facility for all staff, vendors and residents that test negative on the first test.  This process is to establish a negative COVID-19 building to help with the process for phasing in re-opening of long-term care facilities throughout the state.

Since this testing is being done on asymptotic persons you will continue to work while awaiting results.  Anyone who has a positive test will be notified and removed from the schedule for up to 10 days.  As a reminder anytime missed from work due to a positive test is paid time and not counted against your PPL.

Please see the attached documents of frequently asked questions, COVID-19 post-test instructions, fact sheets and consent form.  You will incur no cost to yourself as the result of this testing.

Keeping our residents safe is our highest priority.  We have asked a lot of everyone over the past 2 months of this pandemic, more than any of us would have ever believed possible.  Please hang in there and be proud of what you are doing to protect the most vulnerable.  You are each an essential part of this process!


The COVID-19 Incident Command Team,

Mark                                                     Kendra                                 Nancy

Ranell                                                    Jonna                                    Shyann

Michelle                                               Marty                                    Natalie


Please click here for Covid 19 Staff Consent

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