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ON-LINE Training:  All Staff


Educare:  We have signed an agreement to work with Educare to provide on-line education services.   This will help to ensure that all staff has the proper training to perform their job.

Educare Log in:

***No Courses are too be completed while you are punched in, you can complete while at work but are not to be “on the clock”. ***

1) Go to educaretrainingonline.westnetmlp.com **Please make sure you are only using this website**

2) Enter in your username: Your first name and the first four of your birthday.  Example:  Joe Smith with a birthday of 4/2/1992 username is:  joe0402

3) Enter in your password:  blhcc or blhcc1 if you were hired after 9/1/2018

4) Click submit

5) Click on the course you would like to start, click launch course and your course will start, you will need to advance each slide by clicking the play button. (The slides have both written information and audio presentation – you will need to have sound on your computer).  There is a test-out you must pass to successfully complete a course.

6) You can stop and resume a course at anytime.  The system will remember where you left off.


We will reimburse you for completing the courses.  The courses you are assigned are mandatory to complete on a quarterly basis.  This quarter will be July, August and September.  You will have until September 30th to complete the courses you are assigned and will get paid for the normal run time of the course on your October 7th paycheck. No overtime will be paid for educational hours. You do not need to turn in any information to be paid, we will run a report to determine who has completed the courses.  If you do not complete the course by September 30 you will not be paid but will still be required to complete the courses as part of your job requirements.

Internet access:  If you do not have easy access to internet services (home/library) we will provide accommodations on an individual basis.

**For employees who are not comfortable with the instructions provided or would like to learn more about this required training; Kendra provide training.  See or call Kendra to arrange a training date.


Title Runtime CEU
Emergency Preparedness Human Hazards – SNF 22:26  
Infection Control Techniques 33:35  

You must complete all courses by September 30th. You will receive  2 hours of in-service pay on your October 7th paycheck.  CEU’s certificates can be printed upon request by the business office.


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